University Park Custom Aluminum And Metal Signs

What are Aluminum and Metal Signs?

Metal makes for a great sign material. If your University Park, Texas, business is looking for a lightweight and inexpensive metal sign, aluminum is probably your best choice.

Uses for Aluminum and Metal Signs

Metal signs can be inside, but they are mostly used as external signage. Aluminum signs are usually used to display functional information. Other metals are usually used for commercial signage.

Types of Aluminum and Metal Signs

Aluminum is common because it is lightweight, cheap, and easy to use. You can see tons of aluminum signs all over University Park and nearby in Texas because they’re inexpensive yet durable. If your University Park business or organization requires a sturdier or more visually striking metal, then brass, copper, or stainless steel might be better. Stainless steel is especially good for dimensional letters.

Why Choose Us for Aluminum and Metal Signs?

The sign experts at SignCraft and Graphics can help you pick which metal is best for the sign you need. Whether you need straightforward aluminum signs for your University Park parking lot or an expertly designed stainless steel dimensional letter sign for your University Park storefront, we can make the metal signs you need.

Benefits of Choosing us for Aluminum and Metal Signs in University Park, Texas 

Not only are our metal signs well-designed, they’re durable, too. We can use a baked enamel finish that helps to weatherproof metal signs making them more durable as well as glossier. If you’re based in University Park or nearby in Texas and would like to learn more about aluminum and metal signs, please contact us.

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