Grapevine Custom Cabinet Signs

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Cabinet signs (also called box signs) are a variety of illuminated sign. The “cabinet” is the box that houses the light fixture. The sign panel sits in front of the lighting element.

Uses for Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs stand out in busy environments and are especially effective at night, in rain, or in fog. This allows you to promote your Grapevine, Texas, business no matter the weather.

Types of Cabinet Signs

The frame of a cabinet sign is most commonly rectangular and made from aluminum, thus ensuring the sign is relatively lightweight. The sign panel can display graphics, text, or both.

Why Choose Us for Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are commercial signs, so they must be well-designed. To effectively promote your Grapevine salon, bar, bike shop or whatever, you need a cabinet sign that is eye-catching, stylish, and consistent with the aesthetics of your Grapevine business’s brand. At SignCraft and Graphics, we have expert designers who can craft the perfect panel for your cabinet sign.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Cabinet Signs in Grapevine, Texas

Not only can we make an attractive cabinet sign for your Grapevine business, we can also make a durable one. Furthermore, we can manufacture your cabinet sign such that the panel is easily swapped out, so you won’t have to buy a whole new sign every time you want to display new information.

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