What are Building/Business Signs?

In theory, any sign affixed to the exterior wall of a building can be called a “building sign”. However, the term “building sign” most commonly refers to a sign that identifies a building. If that building belongs to a business, then it is also a business sign. A business sign can be any sign that is used by a business.

Uses for Building/Business Signs

You can find building signs on office buildings, on residential buildings in Carrollton, and on all other types of buildings all over Texas. A “business sign” usually refers to a sign on a building that identifies and promotes a business.

Types of Building/Business Signs

Building signs can be made from many different materials. Building and business signs could be engraved signs, metal signs, channel letter signs, pole signs, pylon signs, monument signs, wall signs, or window signs. You have many options, so figure out which business signs make the most sense for your Carrollton building.

Why Choose Us for Building/Business Signs?

At SignCraft and Graphics, we know that building and business signs must be aesthetically attractive as well as being durable. We can suggest the materials, style, and look that best suit your brand in Carrollton or elsewhere in Texas.

Benefits of Choosing us for Building/Business Signs in Carrollton, Texas

In cases concerning large buildings or business signs, we will also help you apply for the right permits to make sure you don’t run afoul of any local Carrollton regulations or Texas state laws. To learn more about building and business signs, please contact us today.

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