What are Safety Signs?

A safety sign is any sign that endeavors to keep people safe. You can see all sorts of different safety signs all over Texas, including in Carrollton.

Uses for Safety Signs

Safety signs are used to keep people safe. Sometimes safety signs are used in everyday areas and sometimes they are required in more dangerous environments. Apart from keeping customers safe in your retail store in Carrollton, having the requisite safety signs can also be used to reduce your insurance costs.

Types of Safety Signs

There are dozens of different types of safety signs. Some of the more popular safety signs include:

  • Traditional red-lit exit signs
  • “No Unauthorized Personnel” signs
  • “Danger Keep Out” signs
  • “Floor Slippery When Wet” signboards
  • “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs
  • “Danger High Voltage” signs
  • Parking lot signs, e.g. speed limit signs, speed bump signs, “look both ways” signs, etc.

Some of these signs are needed in everyday environments, but some businesses need more safety signs. If you’re a contractor or manage a construction business in Carrollton, you will need a lot of safety signs because of the nature of your work.

Why Choose Us for Safety Signs in Carrollton, Texas?

At SignCraft and Graphics, we know that safety is no joke. We know how to design and manufacture safety signs that stand out and that are effective at grabbing people’s attention. Whenever possible, we can design safety signs that are on-brand with the color scheme and aesthetics of your business in Carrollton, but never to the detriment of legibility.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Safety Signs

Not only can we design and manufacture safety signs for clients in Carrollton and nearby, we can also ensure all your safety signs comply with Texas state and federal ADA laws.

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