What are School Signs?

Of all the myriad things you have to consider if you’re a principal, comptroller, or on a school board in Carrollton, Texas, signage is probably pretty low and the list. But school signs are important, nevertheless.

Uses for School Signs

You need a lot of signs in a school for functional purposes. For wayfinding, for identification, and for safety. You also need a school sign out front to identify the school. You can also use school signs to boost school spirit in your Carrollton school.

Types of School Signs

To identify your Carrollton school, use a building sign, monument sign, pole sign, or a post and panel sign. Your school sign can simply state the name of the school or it can incorporate other elements such as a motto, logo, or seal.Some school signs use replaceable letter tiles to spell out messages like “Report Cards Issued on June 18th” or “Go Carrollton High Eagles!” (or whatever nickname you have for your Texas school’s sports teams). And of course, schools also need functional signs that identify areas and provide directions.

Why Choose Us for School Signs in Carrollton, Texas?

You don’t just want to convey textual information with your school signs. You want noticeable, durable, and professional looking school signs. At SignCraft and Graphics, we can design and provide all the school signs you need and can even make them in the colors of your Carrollton school.

Benefits of Choosing Us for School Signs

Beyond design and manufacturing, we can help with installation and placement. If you are in charge of signage at a school in Carrollton or nearby in Texas and would like to learn more about school signs, please contact us.


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