What are Restaurant Signs?

If you manage a restaurant in Carrollton or elsewhere in Texas, you know how much of a headache it can be. Restaurant signs can make things run a little more smoothly. From the business sign out front enticing people in, to the small signs inside, restaurant signs are crucial.

Uses for Restaurant Signs

The sign in front of your Carrollton restaurant must identify, brand, and promote your restaurant. The signs inside the restaurant are usually more functional, though some can promote deals or add ambience.

Types of Restaurant Signs

Inside your Carrollton restaurant, you need signs pointing to the restroom, exits, and the cash register if your patrons pay at the counter. Quick service restaurants can use digital signs above the counter to advertise the different menu options. Outside, you need restaurant signs that identify and promote your Carrollton restaurant. These could be pole signs, post and panel signs, building signs, or monument signs.

Why Choose Us for Restaurant Signs?

All the signs inside your Carrollton restaurant should have a uniform look and be on-brand as well. At SignCraft and Graphics, we can ensure that all your restaurant signs will reflect your brand’s identity with regards to messaging, font, colors, and materials.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Restaurant Signs in Carrollton, Texas

We don’t just design and manufacture restaurant signs; we can also install them and in the case of large outdoor signs, apply for any permits you might need. If you’re in Carrollton or nearby in Texas and would like to learn more about restaurant signs, please contact us.

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