What are Engraved Signs?

A sign panel can have text printed flat on its surface, raised off the surface, or carved into the surface of the sign panel. This last type is an engraved sign.

Uses for Engraved Signs

Engraving can be used on dozens of different surfaces and for dozens of different signs. The most common reason is to convey permanence and class. An engraved sign can help create an auspicious aesthetic at your Carrollton, Texas, business.

Types of Engraved Signs

Not all surfaces lend themselves to engraving. Popular materials for engraving are wood, stone, and metal, usually brass, copper, bronze, or stainless steel.Some of the more common types of signs you’ll see with engravings in Carrollton and nearby in Texas include:

Why Choose Us for Engraved Signs?

Want to add a touch of class to your Carrollton office? Engraved door signs can make everybody feel more appreciated and more accomplished. Maybe you want to identify an architecturally or historically impressive building in Carrollton. An engraved sign can communicate the steadfast durability and stateliness of the building. Whatever kind of engraved sign you need in Carrollton or nearby in Texas, SignCraft and Graphics can help you with it.

Benefits of Choosing us for Engraved Signs in Carrollton, Texas

We ensure engraved signs not only look good, but that they are also durable and will stay looking good for years and years. If you need engraved signs for your business or organization in Carrollton or anywhere else nearby in Texas, please contact us.

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