What is a Monument Signs?

As their name suggests, monument signs are big. They are outdoor signs that identify businesses, organizations, and buildings. If your business in Carrollton or nearby in Texas is located far away from the nearest road or highway, people will have trouble seeing it. A monument sign will catch their attention.

Uses for Monument Signs for Your Business

Without a monument sign, people are liable to simply drive right past your Carrollton building without a second glance. A monument sign can prevent that by making your business stand out.

Types of Monument Signs

Monument signs are large-scale projects so you can’t skimp on materials. Some popular materials for monument signs are stone, stucco, brick, metal, and foam. Monument signs that display the names of several businesses that occupy a single Carrollton property are known as a tenant signs. Pylon and pole signs often serve similar purposes but are constructed differently.

Why Choose Us for Monument Signs?

Monument signs are big projects; you need some experts to walk you through the process. At SignCraft and Graphics, we advise our clients on everything from materials, aesthetics, and placement. We also handle installation for you. Afterall, it would be pretty unfair to drop off a two-ton monument sign on your Carrollton property and make you figure out how to install it.

Benefits of Choosing us for Monument Signs in Carrollton, Texas

At SignCraft and Graphics, we don’t just design attention-grabbing and durable monument signs but we can help you with permits to ensure that your monument sign complies with all Texas state laws and Carrollton bylaws (or any municipal regulations elsewhere in Texas). If you would like to learn more about monument signs, please contact us.

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