Reasons Why You Should Use LED Signs

Brightly colored LED sign

Good signs get attention and bring new customers to your store. However, when you use conventional paper signs—or even sturdy metal ones—your messaging will only attract a bit of attention. By adding lights, bright colors, and even flashing and animation effects, your signage becomes much more noticeable and engaging. LED outdoor signs for business advertising offer several advantages. You can use them to display your business logo, share new information with passers-by, and ensure your sign stays visible 24/7. At SignCraft and Graphics, we can help create high-quality LED signs that strengthen your brand and presence. Learn more about the benefits LED outdoor promotional signs can offer your business.

Increased Visibility and Attraction

The primary goal of any sign is attracting shoppers to your store. Signs can display your logo and company name to help with wayfinding, especially in crowded shopping centers. Signs can also display helpful information ranging from open hours to seasonal promotions. But LED outdoor signs for businesses take it one step further to increase overall visibility and attraction. Consider:

  • LED signs stay visible and appealing all night long
  • You can use animations, colorful images, beautiful fonts, and other digital flair to make your signage more appealing
  • Change your signage images and messaging over the seasons to hold your target markets’ attention

The possibilities are endless, and the vibrancy of bright LED signs will make your store much more visible.

Cost-Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency

In the past, having digital screens was incredibly cost-prohibitive; they were also pixelated and limited in color. But with the advent of LEDs and the development of increasingly efficient LED technology, stores can now easily work LED outdoor signs for business into their budget. Consider:

  • Initial investment: The hardware for LED signs is more budget-friendly than in previous years, so stores can have large LED screens along roadways, above their doors, and even in the windows.
  • Ongoing cost to update messages: With LEDs, you can digitally edit messages and images. That means you always have updated displays for your store without having to pay for multiple signs.
  • Electricity: LEDs are incredibly energy efficient, and that translates to a very low energy cost. Keep your signs on 24/7 with barely any uptick in electricity consumption.

Enhanced Targeting and Flexibility

Outdoor promotional signs need to be carefully designed to attract new customers and inform shoppers about attractive offers. But when you use conventional signs, you either need to order multiple different versions or create genericized signs with universal appeal. LED outdoor signs for business offer you far more options. You can program in a wide array of different messages and images that display in perfectly timed sequences throughout the day to appeal to the right target market at the right time. You can also:

  • Have very dynamic seasonal ads
  • Display real-time pricing for goods that fluctuate frequently
  • Use it as a billboard to share community information

Increased Foot Traffic and Sales

Ultimately, outdoor promotional signs are doing their job when you notice an uptick in foot traffic, customers, and total sales volume. Align your new LED signs with your ongoing sales efforts by:

  • Promoting sales and discounts
  • Advertising your loyalty programs for new customers
  • Showcasing new products

Boost Your Business With SignCraft and Graphics’s LED Signs

Modern LED signage is incredibly versatile and powerful—and at a much more cost-effective rate than previous generations of signs. At SignCraft and Graphics, we serve the DFW business community with innovative signs and prints. Reach out today at 972-736-7907 to learn more about our different services or order an LED sign for your local business.

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