Store front sign for retail business in Carrollton, TXYou put so much work and care into your business. Don’t let potential customers pass it by. Create a brand that commands attention, and make sure your storefront signage makes a great first impression. Don’t settle for a lackluster business sign that doesn’t pull its weight. Make your outdoor signage work for you by presenting your brand in the best light and getting your storefront noticed so you can attract new customers.

What is a Storefront Sign?

A storefront sign is what you see on the building as you approach it. Signage is placed front and center and often located above the main entrance. Storefront signage has the name of your business and your logo or branding to set it apart from others in the Carrollton area to make it noticeable.
There may be other information in the signage to let people know what type of business it is. For example, the storefront signage may include the name of your business along with your logo. There may be other identifying words or phrases like “dentist” or “clothing store.”

Types of Storefront Signs

Storefront signs cover a broad range of types, materials, and styles. Signs ensure visibility whether your business is located in a shopping center or down a side street. You don’t want people to pass by your business not knowing it’s there!

While storefront signage is typically attached to the facade directly above the entrance, it can also include window signage, banners, and signage on awnings. Facade signs are one of the most popular types of storefront signage because they are visible from a distance.

Storefront signs may include LED signs for nighttime visibility. LED signs are an ideal way to make sure people can see your business, and they also create a bright, eye-catching look.

Custom storefront signs often include window signs with your name and logo. These should be used in conjunction with facade signage because it provides an additional perspective. Facade signs are great for catching attention from a distance, but window signs are ideal for pedestrian traffic. People walking by your business may not see the facade, but they will see your window.

Awnings signs include your business name and logo, placed on an awnining outside a business due to their higher visbility. This helps to create an aesthetically pleasing look that attracts potential customers.

Benefits of Having a Storefront Sign for Your Business

Storefront signage is essential for the discoverability of your business. Signage not only displays your business name but also creates a more attractive and eye-catching storefront. It is your opportunity to put your best foot forward with your brand and the information customers need. For example, storefront signage might include store operating hours and days of business.

You may also choose to include other information for customers regarding your services or business policies. For example, you may have signs to alert people if you have requirements for attire or that you welcome support animals.

Storefront signage is an opportunity to advertise sales, promotions, and other specials. Highlighting these offers will draw in more traffic to your business in Carrollton or Houston, TX. If you are having a promotion, it is important to put it out there. Business signage can help you get the word out.

All physical business locations depend on storefront signage for visibility. When business signage is professional, attractive, and placed correctly, it generates leads.

Bottom line: You need storefront signage to attract customers and solidify your brand and what you offer. Use the real estate you have to show off your amazing business and all it offers.

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