What are Post & Panel Signs?

Post and panel signs are named for their constituent parts. The post (or posts) hold the sign panel in place. The panel is the sign face. You can see many post and panel signs in Carrollton and elsewhere in Texas.

Uses for Post & Panel Signs

The post and panel sign is a popular form of outdoor signage. Post and panel signs can be used as parking lot signs, tenant signs, real estate signs, and promotional signs. You can also use post and panel signs to provide directional information at outdoor events in Carrollton.

Types of Post & Panel Signs

The panel of a post and panel sign could be wood, vinyl, foam core, or plastic. The posts can be wood or metal. Choose what makes the most sense for the aesthetic and the budget of your business in Carrollton.

Why Choose Us for Post & Panel Signs?

It can be hard to decide which material is best for the post and panel sign on your property in Carrollton. SignCraft and Graphics can help you choose. We’ll take your aesthetic, budgetary, and practical concerns into account and make the best post and panel sign for you.

Benefits of Choosing us for Post & Panel Signs in Carrollton, Texas

Depending on the materials and size of your post and panel sign, it could be quite heavy. That’s why we offer all our clients in Carrollton and nearby our installation services, too. To learn more about post and panel signs, please contact us.

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