What is a Pole Sign?

What does a sign need to be effective? First and foremost, it needs visibility. Your Carrollton, Texas, business sign might be beautifully designed, but if nobody can see it, it won’t help you. One way to increase visibility, especially outdoors, is to build up. Way up. Pole signs feature sign panels on top of tall poles.

Uses for Pole Signs

The greater a sign’s radius of visibility is, the more impressions it will generate. By installing a pole sign on your Carrollton property, people will notice your business long before they drive or walk past it.

Types of Pole Signs

Pole signs are pretty simple, but they allow for many different options. The sign panel itself must be big, though. Think about it: your Carrollton pole sign could be 30-feet high but if the sign panel is only four-feet across, nobody will be able to make it out from far away. As such, all the text and graphics on the pole sign panel must be large.

Why Choose Us for Pole Signs?

If you run a quick service restaurant off I-35E, you want a pole sign big enough and vibrant enough that passing motorists will notice it and be tempted to pull off and grab a bite to eat. But a lot of business in Carrollton have modest budgets. At SignCraft and Graphics, we can design eye-catching and durable signs that won’t break the bank.

Benefits of Choosing us for Pole Signs in Carrollton, Texas

Apart from design, we also handle permits and applications to make sure you have clearance for the pole sign that you want. We know which Texas state and Carrollton regulations apply to pole signs. To learn more, please contact us.

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