What are Sandblasted Signs?

To capture people’s attention in a place like Carrollton, Texas, you need good looking signage. Sandblasted signs always look good (when done right, that is). Sandblasting your sign will give it a nice, textured finish. Sandblasted signs are typically used outdoors for commercial purposes.

Uses for Sandblasted Signs

Need a beautiful sign to make your Carrollton business stand out? Sandblasted signs stand out for their style and grace.

Types of Sandblasted Signs

The two most popular types of sandblasted signs are cedar and high-density urethane. Cedar sandblasted signs are popular in Carrollton because they are resistant to bugs and rot. High-Density Urethane –also known as “HDU”—is becoming an increasingly popular choice in its own right.

Why Choose Us for Sandblasted Signs in Carrollton, Texas?

For many businesses in Carrollton, a sandblasted sign demonstrates success and care. Sandblasted signs are not the cheapest option, but they indicate that you take great care in how you present yourself; that you’re willing to invest in your business. And while they’re not necessarily cheap, they are cost-effective. Sandblasted signs can last for a long time. But only if your sandblasted sign is designed and manufactured by an excellent Texas sign studio, such as SignCraft and Graphics, for example.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Sandblasted Signs

Beyond designing and manufacturing stylish and durable sandblasted signs, we also install them for our clients. To learn more about how we can design and manufacture the perfect sandblasted sign for you in Carrollton or nearby in Texas, please contact us.

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