3 Ways To Inspire The Workforce With Digital Wall Coverings

3 Ways To Inspire The Workforce With Digital Wall Coverings








Today’s post is all about optimizing the design of your work environment with digital wall coverings. Read on to learn the unique benefits of digital murals, as well as 3 ways to inspire your workforce with custom designs in Carrollton, Texas.

3 Ways to Inspire the Workforce with Digital Wall Coverings

What Are Digital Wall Coverings?

Sometimes called digital murals, “digital wall coverings” are large-format custom designs and images printed with photographic realism onto a variety of materials, from highly textured substrates to reflective options.

Digital wall coverings come in all shapes and sizes, and the design possibilities are practically endless. Whether you want a hyper realistic concrete print, unique geometric patterns, natural vistas, or branded images, our digital wall coverings can bring your vision to life in stunning full color and high resolution.

3 Ways to Inspire the Workforce with Digital Wall Coverings

Unlike traditional vinyl wall coverings, digital wall coverings can be edited in all kinds of ways. Expand any design to grand proportions without losing an iota of detail or vibrancy, or shrink your image down to fit smaller areas or larger sign systems. You can also add quotes, edit colors, and otherwise personalize the image to fit the personality of the brand or client.

3 Ways To Inspire The Workforce With Digital Wall Coverings

3 Ways to Inspire the Workforce with Digital Wall Coverings


1.   Boost Employee Productivity With Verdant Digital Wall Coverings

One study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that employees were 15% more productive in offices enriched by plants and other natural elements. Looking at greenery appeared to boost brain power, improve mood, and make the average employee more attentive.

If you’re looking to harness the productivity benefits of verdant views, but you don’t want to crowd up your workspaces with potted plants, digital wall coverings work wonders! Surround your team with photo-realistic greenery and reap the productivity rewards.

2.   Create Natural Vistas With Digital Wall Coverings To Reduce Work Errors

One study cited by CultureIQ found that students who took tests in classrooms with outside-facing windows providing natural views did better than students in windowless classrooms.

While this seems to fly in the face of “lean office” research, which suggests that “less is more” when it comes to keeping workers on-task, it aligns with findings on the psychological phenomena known as “biophilia,” which state that humans have evolved an instinctual, genetic attraction to nature, and that looking at natural views reduces stress and promotes clear-thinking.

Your office building might not have any outside-facing windows, but you can leverage all the accuracy-improving effects of natural views with digital wall coverings. Showcase your favorite outdoor vistas, whether that’s part of Carrollton or something more exotic, and reap the rewards!

3.   Boost Office Morale With Artistic Digital Wall Coverings

Contrary to what your old bosses might have told you, being distracted at work isn’t always a bad thing. If the object of your distraction is an artistic digital wall covering, it can actually increase your productivity, lower stress, and improve wellbeing, according to a 2016 report in the Guardian.

Whatever works of art you need to leverage these business benefits, SignCraft and Graphics is up to the task. We can flawlessly reproduce any artwork you submit, or collaborate with you directly to create something one-of-a-kind, from geometric patterns to striking abstract art.

3 Ways to Inspire the Workforce with Digital Wall Coverings


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Nieuwenhuis, M., Knight, C., Postmes, T., & Haslam, S. A. (2014). The relative benefits of green versus lean office space: Three field experiments. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 20(3), 199–214.


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