Anchor Your Wayfinding System With Directory Signs In Carrollton, TX

Anchor Your Wayfinding System With Directory Signs In Carrollton, TX

Directory signs play a critical role in wayfinding, and they also offer valuable opportunities to create positive, long-lasting brand impressions. Read on to learn more, or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with a directory sign specialist in Carrollton, TX.

Why Invest In Custom Directory Sign Design In Carrollton, TX?

1.    Directory Signs Are Vital For Effective Wayfinding

Whether you need help with business identification, directing deliveries from suppliers and couriers, or getting interviewees and customers the information they need to find your office, directory signs play a critical role.

Wayfinding efficiency is positively correlated to customer experience, and we can help you optimize your directory sign design. Call (972)-428-3200 to discuss your design with our team.

2.    Visitors Look To Directory Signs To Form Impressions About Your Brand

While visitors will see any outdoor building, lobby, or storefront signage first, directory signs still play a big part in influencing early impressions and value judgments about your brand.

After all, directory signs are typically encountered early in the visitors’ experience, right as they step inside your building, when their senses are primed for new information and “next steps” in the process. During this crucial orientation phase, visitors use whatever business materials they have available to find their way and form “thin-slice judgments,” which are also sometimes described as “a sort of intuition, an instantaneous impression” about our brand (Kellaris & Machleit, 2016, p. 8).

Though these “thin-slice judgments” happen in the blink of an eye, they are long-lasting, so it’s important to put your good foot forward, investing in an eye-catching and efficient directory sign design with subtle yet authoritative branding elements.

Directory sign design is also important for brand impressions because of its role in the wayfinding experience. With poor design, visitors may find themselves feeling frustrated, unable to find the place they’re trying to visit, and these feelings can quickly sour brand impressions. Conversely, effective design helps visitors get where they need to be right away, avoiding any negative feelings that may warp into negative associations with your company.

3.    Directory Signs Give Your Business Or Building Guaranteed Impressions

What’s the first thing visitors do upon arriving at your place of business? As mentioned earlier, newcomers will immediately start scanning the area for signage providing information or directions about the next step in their journey. In the case of hotels, multi-unit residences, office buildings, and hospitals, that means seeking out your directory sign.

From an advertising and branding perspective, that’s huge! While many signs actively have to fight for the attention of passersby, directory signs impressions are virtually guaranteed. Visitors have to find them and use them, so directory signs are a great place to add a logo or reinforce your brand palette.

Stock directory sign templates are great for low-budget, quick-turnaround orders, but they fail to take full advantage of the guaranteed impressions that these sign types offer. If you’re interested in taking advantage of guaranteed impressions with a custom branded directory sign design, get in touch with our team!

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Kellaris, J. J., & Machleit, K. A. (2016). Signage as marketing communication: A conceptual model and research propositions. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 1(1).

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