Better Safe Than Sorry: 3 Reasons To Find A Signage Specialist In Carrollton, TX

Better Safe Than Sorry: 3 Reasons To Find A Signage Specialist In Carrollton, TX

It’s easy to cut corners with business signs, but are city fines, safety hazards, and bad branding outcomes really worth the money you save upfront? Better safe than sorry, we like to say.

Today’s post highlights 3 reasons to find a signage specialist in Carrollton, TX instead of going it alone.  Read on or call 972-428-3200 to speak with a signage specialist straight away.

1.  Not All Sign Installations Are DIY-Friendly

Unless you’re buying basic peel-and-stick decals or simple interior signage, most sign installations are not do-it-yourself projects. Some require specialty equipment, invasive construction or renovation, and electrification, all of which puts sign installation squarely outside the purview of most buyers.

Improper installation may result in injury or fines, as detailed in the Carrollton’s Code of Ordinances. And of course, every improper installation is a total eyesore. Better to be safe than sorry—and at SignCraft and Graphics, installation support is included with every sign order.

2.  Carrollton Sign Code Violations Can Be Costly

Most business signs must be 100% compliant with Carrollton’s Code of Ordinances, under threat of fine and a Class C Misdemeanor.

According to the City of Carrollton website, businesses found in violation of Carrollton’s sign code will be given a specified amount of time, usually ten (10) days, to correct the design, lighting or installation issue. Once this grace period has elapsed, Carrollton officials will reinspect the property, and if any violations persist, a second warning will be issued. If the business still refuses to abate the violation, then a citation or court summons will be issued. Additionally, the City may also take action by hiring a contractor to remove your sign, before placing a lien on the property for the cost of the clean-up action.

Why not avoid all the hassle by partnering with a signage specialist that understands Carrollton sign code? When you work with SignCraft and Graphics, your design and installation compliance is guaranteed, at no extra charge, and we can also help with any design remediation that may be required.

3.  Low-Quality Sign Designs Can Harm Your Brand Image

In Signage as Marketing Communication, author Karen Machleit noted how business signs serve as “inferential cues and basis for thin-slice judgements” about brands. In other words, people form impressions and make quality assumptions about your business based on the quality of your sign design.

If you want to play it safe, partner with our talented signage specialists for superior results that get favorable impressions, whether you’re updating an existing logo or creating something from scratch.

Free Consultation With A Signage Specialist In Carrollton, TX

Whether you need hands-on installation support, assistance with Carrollton sign code, or fresh eyes and ideas to streamline the creative process, our signage specialists are standing by.

SignCraft and Graphics is one of the only true full-service signage specialists in Carrollton, TX, offering all the following services under one roof:

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