Cut Through Carrollton’s Visual Clutter With Custom Commercial Signs

Cut Through Carrollton’s Visual Clutter with Custom Commercial Signs

Today’s post highlights the #1 mistake Carrollton business owners make with custom commercial signs: creating visual clutter!

Read on to learn the risks of custom commercial sign clutter, and how to avoid it, while still creating immersive, high-performance sign systems—or call 972-428-3200 to speak directly with a custom commercial sign specialist in Carrollton, TX.

The Dangers Of Custom Commercial Sign Clutter In Carrollton, TX

According to the International Sign Association, custom commercial signs are your “#1 marketing asset,” but as the old saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing.

“Beyond the dizzying growth in the number of products on store shelves, there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of in-store messaging, and the number and complexity of consumer promotions,” writes Dr. Raymond Burke in Retail Shoppability: A Measure of the World’s Best Stores. “The high levels of message clutter make it difficult to navigate through the store.”

But wayfinding woes aren’t the only negative impacts. Research has also linked increased visual clutter to:

  • Significant levels of stress—A recent Datamonitor survey found that 47% of consumers felt significant levels of stress in indoor retailer environments with high levels of message clutter.
  • Increased cognitive load—A 2021 report by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding (IJSW) found that sign clutter “has the effect of increasing the cognitive load on consumers” (pp. 74-75).
  • Lower engagement with your sign system—In that same report by the IJSW, research lead Joanne McNeish determined that, when faced with heavy message clutter, most viewers tuned out sign systems altogether, dismissing entire “clusters” of signage, instead of bearing the heightened cognitive load. Put simply, if you overwhelm your audiences with too much information, they’ll quickly tune you out.

Clearly, visual clutter is not what we want to create with our custom commercial sign systems. And yet, research has shown the value of creating immersive sign systems and branded space, which requires multiple, often overlapping, sign types. So how do we achieve the latter without falling victim to the former?

Don’t worry—our custom commercial sign company can help.

Cut Through Carrollton’s Visual Clutter With Custom Commercial Signs

When you work with our custom commercial sign company, you get the best of both worlds: immersive sign systems that engage, inform, and excite local audiences, without any of the negative effects of visual clutter.

Here’s a few ways we make it happen:

  • Site surveys—What comprises your current sign system? What kinds of signs does your neighbor use? Our site surveys help us design standout signage that fits seamlessly into the local signscape, without butting in and creating clutter.
  • Color contrast—Our in-house design team will ramp up the color contrast, both within your sign and with the surrounding environment, without clashing, creating eye-catching signage, not eye-sores!
  • Multiple types of signage—One way to create detailed messaging systems without clutter is simply to combine sign types. For example, rather than packing 10 A-frame signs together, stuffing all of your information into the same space and messaging medium, you can spread that message out all in different sign formats. Place wayfinding messaging on the floor with custom graphics; hang promotional information up high with custom banners; and drive impulse buys with point-of-sale displays—your options are practically limitless.

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