Do Promotional Signs Really Drive Sales?

Do Promotional Signs Really Drive Sales?

Do promotional signs drive sales, or do consumers simply tune them out?

Read on to review key findings from 3 sign studies, or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with a promotional sign specialist in Carrollton, TX.

Research Review: Do Promotional Signs Really Drive Sales?

1.   Promotional Signs Boost Sales By An Average Of 10%

According to results published in the Economic Value of On-Premise Signage, the average business sees a 10% sales increase after adding just a single promotional sign to their on-premise sign system.

2.   Promotional Signs Increase Product Demand And Impulse Buys

“Sale signs increase demand,” states one study in the journal of Marketing Science. “The apparent effectiveness of this simple strategy is surprising; sale signs are inexpensive to produce and stores generally make no commitment when using them.”

In fact, simply placing promotional signs next to product displays can greatly enhance the rate of impulse buys by creating a sense of urgency and excitement around limited-time savings.

3.   Promotional Signs Heavily Influence Purchase Behaviors And Consumer Choice

In one study for the American Journal of Public Health, researchers looked at the effects that promotional signs had on consumers’ food and snack purchases in convenience stores. In order to encourage healthy food choices, the research team marketed healthy items with a variety of promotional sign displays offering healthy “combination meals” (e.g. a wrap with a side of fruit or vegetable and water), then used eye-tracking technology, survey results, and purchase data to assess their effects.

At the end of their study, the team found that the promotional signs had a drastic impact, as “reported consumption frequency of fried potatoes and chips significantly decreased in the intervention group” (Bird et al., 2019, p. 136). .

Put simply, promotional signs greatly influence purchase behaviors and consumer choice. If you’re looking for ways to draw attention to your product’s value propositions and unsung selling points, like long-term health benefits, promotional signs are a great option.

Start Selling More: How To Order Promotional Signs In Carrollton, TX

If you’re in the market for sales-driving promotional signs, get in touch with our team! SignCraft and Graphics has everything you need to create a winning promotional sign system, including:

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We deliver and install promotional signs throughout Carrollton and the surrounding areas, including the communities of University Park, Irving, Coppell and the Colony, and many of our indoor promotional signs are mailable.

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