Due Diligence Done Right: 3 Things To Ask A Signage Specialist Before You Buy

Due Diligence Done Right: 3 Things to Ask a Signage Specialist Before You Buy

Sign studies leave no doubt: your sign is your most important advertising asset, so it’s critical that you work with a qualified signage specialist. But how can you be sure you found the right partner?

Start by arming yourself with a few well-crafted questions that any qualified signage specialist should be able to answer.

Read on to learn 3 things to ask sign companies before you buy, or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with a signage specialist in Carrollton, TX.

1.  Do You Have A Design Team?

While there’s definitely a place for stock designs, it’s definitely not on your company’s storefront sign, which local audiences use as the basis for quality assumptions about your brand.

A true signage specialist won’t tether you to design templates or premade graphics. On the contrary, they should be able to design anything you can dream up.

Even if you don’t need a custom design, or you’ve already got your artwork in-hand, it’s still a good idea to find signage specialists with in-house design teams, since you never know what the future may hold. Should you ever need to update your design, tweak certain elements to fit in with Carrollton’s sign code, or expand your sign system, you’ll already have a team waiting in the wings, so your project can hit the ground running.

If the signage specialist does have an in-house design team, you may also want to ask:

  • Are you familiar with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible design? Many indoor signs must comply with these design standards under threat of fines. Like any signage specialist worth their salt, our graphics team is well-versed in ADA standards, so you never have to worry about surprise ADA litigation for non-compliant signs.
  • Do you have any experience creating signs for this industry? After years spent working in the software, consulting and financial industries, and our experiences owning multiple quick-service restaurants, we know better than most how advertising needs change from one sector to the next. Depending on the complexity of the project under consideration, it may be best to find a signage specialist with experience designing for your target audience. To learn more about our experience designing signs for audiences in all different industries, check out our sign gallery or call (972)-428-3200.

2.  Do You Have Reviews, References, Or Samples I Can See?

85% of consumers conduct online research before buying, according to one study by Oberlo, and more than half (54.7%) won’t commit until they’ve read at least four positive reviews.

Of course, online reviews aren’t the end-all, be-all of pre-purchase research. Due diligence demands more. Before you buy your sign—your “#1 tool for marketing,” responsible for more than 50% of local customers, according to the ISA—you should also ask for references to satisfied customers and pictures of recent sign projects in Carrollton, TX. And it should be no trouble for your signage specialist—after all, who doesn’t like to show off a little?

After years providing custom sign solutions for businesses all across Carrollton, TX, we’ve built a strong local reputation, an extensive sign portfolio, and a 5-star rating, thanks to glowing reviews from satisfied customers. We’d be thrilled to tell you more and recommend some local signage sights to see—just call (972)-428-3200.

3.  How Much Will My Custom Sign Cost Me?

Any qualified signage specialists will offer personalized sign consultations and free quotes. After all, it takes true signage specialists no time at all, and it’s the best way to move prospects through the sales cycle.

So get plenty of quotes before you commit, and don’t feel bad about it. You may be surprised just how much your project costs vary from one provider to the next.

Because we have access to a huge range of materials, our signage specialists are often able to quote several different prices for the same project, with the option to add or subtract features and swap in more affordable materials to fit your budget.

To get a free quote from our signage specialists in Carrollton, TX, you can:

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