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Get Inspired By Sign Makers In Carrollton, Texas: Local Sign Showcase

Looking for a little sign inspiration? Need some ideas to flesh out your current sign system? Look no further—today’s post showcases some of our sign makers’ most recent work in Carrollton, TX, so you can get inspired, assess the competition, and understand your options.

Specifically, we’re going to look at what’s possible with custom floor graphics, which offer several benefits to Carrollton business owners, including:

  • Space-saving sales promotion—Floor graphics take up no space, making them ideal for small-footprint stores and minimalist designs
  • Cost-effectiveness—As you’ll see below, research bears out the effectiveness of floor graphics for in-store advertising, and they cost a fraction of the price of some other sign options
  • Limitless customization—Our floor graphics come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes, and our graphics team can work with any digital artwork

Read on to review research on the effectiveness of floor graphics and see real results from sign makers in Carrollton, TX, or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with a sign maker near you.

Research Review: Why Sign Makers Recommend Floor Graphics

In an eye-opening report by Flexcon, researchers found that using floor graphics for in-store product promotions increased the sales of Carhartt workwear by a whopping 31%.

Those are incredible numbers—in fact, it’s more than twice the average increase in sales revenue brought on by the addition of a big-ticket pylon sign, as reported in “The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage,” and for a fraction of the price.

So what makes floor graphics so effective? One explanation, put forth by Flexcon researchers, is that “consumers are less likely to expect such graphics under their feet; most advertising is strategically placed at eye level, making the line-of-sight zone among the most cluttered in any given retail environment.”

Put simply, we don’t expect to see ads and brand messages on the floor. So, when we do, they stand out. What’s more, floor graphics are often displayed alone, not pressed in on all sides by competing advertisements or visual clutter, which makes them even more striking and impactful.

Create Cost-Effective Floor Graphics With Sign Makers In Carrollton, TX

If you want to take advantage of cost-effective floor graphics, our sign makers are standing by. We offer a wide range of vinyl grades, colors, and finishes; we can work with any digital artwork or logo; and no project is too big for our team!

Take this recent floor graphic order we completed at the Omni in Downtown Dallas for example. It was a big job that required some creative solutions, but SignCraft and Graphics delivered!

Get Inspired by Sign Makers in Carrollton, Texas: Local Sign Showcase

Working with the marketing company overseeing the theme and graphics for the Goosehead Insurance annual convention, we digitally printed three 10’ x 10’ floor graphics and wrapped a 2-story staircase. The fronts of the stairs did not have a flat surface, which normally would make them unsuitable for this style of display, but our team found a workaround, applying the vinyl graphics first to pieces of styrene and then using double-sided tape to keep them in place.

Get Inspired by Sign Makers in Carrollton, Texas: Local Sign ShowcaseGet Inspired by Sign Makers in Carrollton, Texas: Local Sign Showcase

You can find more completed floor graphics, along with many more projects, in our sign makers’ Online Gallery.

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