How Storefront Sign Updates Improve Sales In Carrollton, TX

How Storefront Sign Updates Improve Sales In Carrollton, TX

Storefront sign repairs and replacements are typically viewed as an expense, when they’re really more of an investment. Today’s post explains how investing in storefront sign updates can improve sales for Carrollton businesses.

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Storefront sign updates boost sales in Carrollton, TX, study shows

“Sign changes generally had significant, positive impacts on sales, number of transactions and profits,” says Rexhausen et al in their research report, The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage. “Roughly 60% of businesses reported sales increases averaging about 10%.”

While the exact sales-boosting mechanism is unknown, sign researchers largely credit these increases to the following four factors:

  • Storefront sign updates enhance brand image. According to research from the International Sign Association (ISA), over a third of American consumers (34.5%) make quality assumptions about businesses on the basis of clear and attractive signage. Younger age groups (18-24 years old) were found to be particularly prone to this effect, presumably since they had less experience with brands upon which to draw, and therefore relied more on signs’ heuristic cues.If your current sign looks tired, old, faded, or flaking, some consumers will have a hard time taking your brand seriously. After all, if you’re not willing to keep your primary marketing display in shape, what does that say about your business’s other quality controls? Investing in storefront sign updates can make all the difference.


  • Storefront sign updates help buyers find your business. Wayfinding is one of the most important marketing functions of any signage—if customers can’t find you, they cannot patronize your business. In fact, nearly half of American consumers (49.7%) report that they were unable to find businesses they intended to patronize “because its signage was too small or unclear.” By replacing your current storefront signs with bigger, brighter, boldly illuminated upgrades, you can increase both “premeditated purchases” and impulse buys. 
  • Storefront sign updates attract new customers. Surveying more than 100,000 participants as part of the BrandSpark / Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study, researchers Kellaris et al. report that “29% of American consumers have been drawn into unfamiliar stores based on the quality of the store’s signage,” with the 18-24 year old demographic being most prone to this effect. If your current business sign is looking past its prime, a storefront sign update could reintroduce your company to local audiences and help attract new customers.
  • Storefront sign updates introduce new promotions. Updating storefront signs with new promotions, such as discounts and limited time offers, is a great way to draw in new customers or convince brand-loyal buyers to make a return visit. If your business is frequently rolling out new offers, you may be better off leaving the promotional content for temporary sign solutions, such as window graphics, or else investing in eminently reprogrammable digital storefront signs.

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