Window Graphics Installation Guide: Decals & Business Wraps

How to Install Window Graphics Like a Pro

Your SignCraft window graphic came in on-time, under-budget, and above expectations. But now you’ve got to install it. Don’t worry—we can help. Today’s post reviews the “hinge method” for window graphic installation, courtesy of our team in Carrollton, Texas.

The hinge method: Installing your window graphics like a pro

To install premium grade window graphics, you’ll need:

  • Window cleaning equipment (e.g. ammonia-free window cleaner, clean water, and clean cloth)
  • Masking tape
  • Tape measure
  • Xacto knife or needle
  • Squeegee

Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot for your window graphics, the basic hinge method breaks down like this:

  • Step 1 — Clean and dry the chosen surface thoroughly, making sure not to use any products containing ammonia. Remember: the cleaner the window, the smoother the application. To create some handy registration points, hang the window graphic where you want it using a few pieces of masking tape on the top side—we typically use three small pieces at this stage, one in each corner and one dead-center.
  • Step 2 — Use your tape measure to make sure you’ve got everything perfectly straight and lined up just how you like it. Once you’ve made any necessary adjustments, secure the window graphic in position by placing a long piece of tape across the top to make a “hinge.”
  • Step 3 — Lift the window graphic up on its hinge so that the front is flat against the window above the tape line and the backside is showing. Peel back a few inches of the backing paper, fold it down gently, and grab your squeegee.
  • Step 4 — Without placing the adhesive in contact with the window, lower the decal on its hinge, holding the bottom half straight and tight to prevent any wrinkling or air pockets. When you’re ready, lower the window graphic’s adhesive onto the window and get working with your squeegee, applying firm, smooth pressure in long strokes. Always start from the top center and work your way down and out to the sides, pushing out any air pockets as you go.
  • Step 5 — When you finish going over the adhesive you exposed in step 3, peel back a few more inches and repeat this process, working your way down the window graphic until it’s completely adhered.
  • Step 6 — It’s quite common to find a few tiny air bubbles leftover after your installation. Don’t worry: use your needle or Xacto knife to pop these tiny air bubbles, then smooth them over with your fingertip to push the air out and flatten the graphic. Small bubbles treated in this way will completely disappear.

That’s it—you’re done!

Professional window graphic installation support in Carrollton, Texas

The hinge method isn’t the end-all-be-all of window graphic installation, but it’s a beginner-friendly technique that many professionals still use to get picture-perfect results. Still, some products demand different installation techniques; others require the use of specialty application fluid.

Detailing every professional window graphic technique is beyond the scope of a single post, but the SignCraft team is always up to the task! Our experts ensure perfect window graphic installation, helping you choose the best spot to maximize visibility and mitigate problems (e.g. fading, wear-and-tear, lifting, or peeling), and keeping your signage 100% compliant with Carrollton city ordinances.

Please email or call us directly at 972-428-3200 to learn more about how we can help.

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