Trade Show Signage: Design Best Practices to Stand Out

How to ‘Steal the Show’: Best Practices for Trade Show Sign Design

Looking to steal the show at one of Carrollton’s upcoming exhibitions? SignCraft and Graphics is here to help. Read on to review some best practices for trade show sign design, or call (972)-428-3200 to start a free trade show sign consultation straight away.

Steal The Show: Best Practices For Trade Show Sign Design

1. Make it interactive. Passive signs have their place, but interactive trade show signs produce higher levels of engagement, booth dwell time, and successful conversions. Digital trade show signs offer plenty of options, such as games, video demos, sweepstakes sign-ups, and interactive brand storytelling.

Rather than displaying passive messages, another low-tech option is to use bold and simple trade show signs to advertise interactive points of contact with staff members, which could be contest sign-ups, product displays and demos, or information booths. For instance, we designed the following trade show sign, which uses the headline “Win a $500 ad credit” to attract visitors to the booth so that they talk to staff about signing up. While the sign is not interactive on its own, it plays an important part in promoting this contest and drawing people to this interactive point of contact.

How to ‘Steal the Show’: Best Practices for Trade Show Sign Design

2. Keep important messaging no lower than waist-height. If you’ve done your job right, your booth will be busy, with lots of foot traffic moving in-and-out. To ensure your messaging stands out from the crowd, make sure all of your most important signs are mounted at least waist-high.

As you’ll see in the above picture, all of the important messaging—the digital signs for demonstration, the most engaging value propositions (“The most advanced lead generation platform in the discount home buying business”), and the contest call-to-action—all appear above waist-height, where they’re easily viewable.

3. Leverage empty space for better visual impact. While nobody wants to visit an empty booth, there are plenty of good reasons to leave room for some negative space. Not only will this make your messaging easier to see—according to one study by Akagi et al., high levels of “visual noise” make trade show signs twice as hard to see, halving the average detection distances—but leaving empty space will also make your booth seem more open and inviting. So forgo the clunky furniture and bulky inventory, and make sure every sign you display serves an important purpose.

Free Quote On Custom Trade Show Sign Design In Carrollton, TX

Ready to steal the show? Whether you’ve already got graphics in-hand or you’re starting from scratch, SignCraft and Graphics is here to help.

We can help you find all the most popular trade show signs; we have a perfect 5-star Google rating; and we’ve got plenty of experience in trade show booth design. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a veteran trade show warrior, we’ll help you create the perfect trade show sign system, on-time and under-budget, providing full support from the initial creative ideation to the final installation on the big day!

We pride ourselves on helping Carrollton businesses look their best at trade shows. We pride ourselves on helping Carrollton businesses look their best at trade shows.

We pride ourselves on helping Carrollton businesses look their best at trade shows.

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