Make Banner Signs Last Longer: How To Pick The Perfect Hem Or Edge

Make Banner Signs Last Longer: How To Pick The Perfect Hem Or Edge

Want to get more for the money you spent on your custom banner signs? Give them an edge and extend their service life!

Today’s post discusses a few different edging options for 3 popular banner sign types. Read on or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with a banner sign specialist in Carrollton, TX.

What Is The Best Edge Option For Mesh Banner Signs?

Mesh banner signs are a fantastic option for on-premise advertising, temporary trade show set-ups, and more. They’re lightweight and durable, resistant to tearing, and they allow air to pass through for added stability on windy days.

If you’re ordering mesh banner signs, we recommend sewn or stitched edges. Not only will the stitching reinforce the edges, extending the life of your banner sign even further, but it also creates a clean, professional aesthetic, adding a subtle border.

What Is The Best Edge Option For Vinyl Banner Signs?

Vinyl banner signs are undoubtedly the most popular option for first-time buyers in Carrollton, TX, offering the perfect blend of affordability, durability, and versatility, both in terms of manufacturing and installation.

If you order vinyl banner signs, we recommend heat welding the edges, especially if you intend to use the banner outdoors. Heat welding both eliminates the risk of fraying and prevents any stretching or loss of shape that may occur during transportation or storage.

What Are My Options For Flush Cut Banner Signs?

Flush-cut banner signs have no edgework at all—the material simply ends wherever it’s cut, without additional sewing or folding.

As a result, flush-cut banner signs are typically made to fit inside of a banner stand or system. To review your options for stands and roll-up systems, get in touch with our team.

Of course, that isn’t your only option. If you want to use flush-cut banner signs without stands or roll-up systems, and you want them to last a little longer, consider fitting them with grommets or pole pockets so that they can easily be hung against a wall, on a pole, or suspended from the ceiling, out of harm’s way, where they are easy to spot but hard to reach. Alternatively, you could experiment with industrial-strength tapes to add your own edging, or simply order a thicker vinyl banner sign. Anything over 18oz is highly unlikely to fray.

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