Research Review: Retail Signs Boost Sales, Dwell Time, And Traffic Flow

Research Review: Retail Signs Boost Sales, Dwell Time, and Traffic Flow

Today’s post reviews findings from two major retail sign studies to highlight the promotional power of on-premise advertisements and point-of-purchase displays. Read on to learn how retail signs make Carrollton businesses money, or call (972)-428-3200 to start a free consultation with retail sign makers near you.

Research Review: The Power Of Retail Signs In Carrollton, TX

In a seminal study by the Signage Foundation, titled “The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage,” researchers sought to measure the impact of retail signs on business success. After adding retail signs at more than 160 fast food chain locations, a national home decor retailer, and auto dealers in a major metropolitan city, the research team concluded that:

  • One additional retail sign yielded sales increases of at least 4.75%—In some cases, sales increases exceeded 15%. This meant that retail signs had a greater impact on sales than location size, duration of business hours, and longevity at the location, 
  • Customers rely on retail signs to find your store—In all, more than two-thirds (68%) of those surveyed stated that retail signs “had been an important factor” for locating retailers, while 21% of respondents said they had abandoned plans to purchase from stores they could not find due to a lack of retail signage.

Reporting similar findings, a 2014 report published in Review of Marketing Research: Shopper Marketing and the Role of In-Store Marketing found that:

  • Retail signs increase customer dwell time, which is believed to be a measure of customer engagement and intrigue, and is positively correlated with in-store sales.
  • Retail signs promote increased spending, with data from 62,037 shoppers indicating that “sales increased in stores in which retail signs featured informational content.”
  • Retail signs drive foot traffic towards your products, with one study showing that floor-mounted retail signs entice customers to explore marked aisles and consider the “focal display.”

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