Retractable Banners Versus Traditional Banners: What’s Best For Your Business?

Retractable Banners Versus Traditional Banners: What’s Best For Your Business?








Today’s post overviews the unique benefits of traditional and retractable banners to help Carrollton consumers find the best signage style for their needs. Read on or call 972-428-3200 to speak with a retractable banner specialist straight away.

Banner Basics: The Gold Standard For Cost-Effective Advertising

Since the days of antiquity, banners have been used to catch eyes and make impressions, boldly announcing the arrival of kings, emperors, and, much more recently, Carrollton business offerings!

At SignCraft and Graphics, our traditional banners provide:

  • Fast production times—perfect for short-notice advertising
  • Stunning image quality—high resolution, full-color images every time
  • Superior durability—with proper care, custom banners last anywhere from 2 to 12 years, depending on your product type
  • Endless customization—collaborate with our in-house design team to create something from scratch, tweak some of our proven custom templates, or upload your own vector artwork for flawless reproductions
  • Multiple installation options—unlike retractable banners, our traditional banners may be hung, flown, laid flat, used as table runners and partitions, and much more!

Unique Benefits Of Retractable Banners For Carrollton Businesses

Sometimes referred to as roll-up banners, flat-fold banners, or roll-up stands, custom retractable banners are popular tools for displaying brands, products, services, or company missions in Carrollton, TX. They’re known as “retractable” banners because the banner retracts into the freestanding base for safe and easy storage between uses.

In many ways, retractable banners are similar to traditional banners, boasting all the same quality and custom design options, and using the same premium vinyl materials and printing technology. But they also have some unique advantages. The main benefits of retractable banner stands include:

  • Easy freestanding installation. Most retractable banner bases come with feet that rotate to sit perpendicular to the base, making freestanding installation an option anywhere with roughly level ground. Once the base is set up, simply assemble the banner pole, place it in the rear pole slot, then slowly attach banner rail upwards to meet the top of the assembly pole. Et voilà—you’re finished, with no ladders, tools, or hard work required.
  • Safe, space-saving storage solutions. Retractable banners come apart fast, and they store effortlessly in their base and carrying case. Your banner stays safe from wear, wrinkles, and humidity inside the base, and the portable carrying case is easily stowed under car seats, inside drawers, up in the rafters, or almost any other out-of-the-way space you can find.
  • Extreme portability. While traditional banners are relatively light and easy to transport compared to other sign types, retractable banners take your mobile marketing and pop-up promotion capabilities to a whole new level. Simply roll your banner back into its base, zip it into your complimentary carrying case, and head on your way. This portable design makes it possible for a single salesperson to transport and set up an entire sign system, whereas managing more than a single traditional banner roll can be cumbersome.

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