Top-3 Sign Products To Drive Summer Sales In Carrollton, TX

Top-3 Sign Products To Drive Summer Sales In Carrollton, TX

Today’s post showcases 3 of the most popular sign products Carrollton businesses have been using to drive sales and build brand authority this summer.

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Top-3 Sign Products To Drive Summer Sales

1.   Capitalize On Summer Trade Shows With Pop-Up Sign Products

If you’ve spent any time studying the science of trade show advertising, you know signage boosts visits, dwell time, and staff interactions.

For example, in one study by the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology, researchers found that trade show attendees lingered for 280% longer in exhibition spaces decorated with graphics and pop-up sign products. What’s more, the use of pop-up sign products was linked to a 17.2% sales increase among exhibitors.

If you’re looking to capitalize on Carrollton’s lineup of summer trade shows and you need cost-effective signage for your booth, look no further. SignCraft and Graphics offers a wide range of trade show sign products, and our pop-up counters are one of the most popular options this year, giving you a mix of promotional power and functional space.

Top-3 Sign Products to Drive Summer Sales in Carrollton, TX


As you can see with both of these pop-up counters, our design team can help you boost visibility and drive sales by creating:

  • Simple, punchy copy that piques interest and inspires interaction with staff
  • High contrast colors (red-on-black, white-on-black, yellow-on-black)
  • Simple yet striking fonts
  • Evocative images—for example, Magee Legal’s emblem, part coat-of-arms, part superhero chest insignia, both catches the eye and evokes the precision, security, and protection you’d expect from this firm
  • Good vertical rhythm, creating a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound while copy is read

Additionally, these pop-up sign products are lightweight, durable, and imminently portable—some even fold up into tabletops to give your booth more functional space.

Expand Your Audience With Vehicle Wraps And Graphics

Vehicle wraps and graphics are among the most cost-effective sign products available to Carrollton businesses, due to their:

  • Exceptional longevity—Most graphics can last 5 to 7 years with proper maintenance, and they generate thousands of impressions every day they’re on the road
  • Superior return on investment—In one study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, every $1 invested in vehicle graphics yielded almost $3 in sales.
  • Low cost—Compared to similarly sized sign products, wraps and graphics are extremely affordable.
  • Novel display setting—In marketing contests, viewers are more likely to be engaged by messaging they encounter in novel settings. Vehicle wraps and graphics pleasantly surprise audiences, bringing your messaging to them on highways, in parades, and on cross-town commutes, where there is less competition.

Top-3 Sign Products to Drive Summer Sales in Carrollton, TX

To view more vehicle graphics, check our online gallery of sign products.

Improve The Customer Experience With Foamboard Sign Products

From the moment they enter your place of business, customers will be judging your brand based on the quality of its signage, and they’ll be relying on those same sign products for a smooth customer experience.

Foamboard sign products are a quick and easy addition to any indoor sign system that could drastically improve both your brand image and the quality of your customer experience.

When you need to help your customers find where to order, where to sign-in, or where to find the products and sales they want, hanging foam board signs are the perfect solution. They’re quick to make, endlessly customizable, and their hanging display helps avoid obstruction due to in-store traffic, tall aisles, or product displays. And because they’re designed in-house and printed using our premium printer, modern inks, and expert curing practices, you’re guaranteed a finished sign product you can be proud of.

Top-3 Sign Products to Drive Summer Sales in Carrollton, TX

This sign, which uses high-contrast colors, striking fonts, and simple imaging for faster wayfinding, was part of a big project for Flurry’s Market + Provisions.

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