What Signage Is Best For My Business? Ask A Sign Specialist In Carrollton, TX

What Signage Is Best For My Business? Ask A Sign Specialist In Carrollton, TX

With so many signs to choose from, many first-time buyers’ projects are delayed by the paradox of choice. But don’t worry—our sign specialists are here to help you pick the perfect product for your business, budget, and advertising goals.

Today’s post shares some of our sign specialists’ top picks for businesses with limited space, businesses operating in high-traffic areas, and businesses working on a small budget. Read on to learn more, or call (972)-428-3200 to get personalized recommendations from a sign specialist in Carrollton, TX.

What Do Sign Specialists Recommend For Limited Space?

If you’re working out of a retail space with limited square footage, the last thing you’ll want to do is erect a big freestanding sign that leaves your store feeling even more crowded.

In fact, according to one study, titled “Impacts of Store Crowding on Shopping Behavior and Store Image,” spatial crowding is measurably bad for business, negatively affecting a wide range of shopping behaviors, including:

  • Less time spent in the store
  • Lower chance of impulse buying
  • Lower chance of aisle table buying, and more (Lee et al., 2011).

To give your business all of the benefits of retail signs, without eating up any precious square footage, our sign specialists might recommend:

  • Using vinyl graphics to transform windows, floors, and walls into high-performance promotional spaces
  • Hanging lightweight signs and banners overhead
  • Mounting wall signs at the end of aisles, near the point of sale, and anywhere else you want to provide wayfinding tips, promotional details, or product info
  • Installing a dynamic digital sign in your store, so you can display multiple signs in a single area

What Do Sign Specialists Recommend For High-Traffic Areas?

If your business is located in a high-traffic area, replete with pedestrians, passing cars, and signs posted by the competition, you’ll probably need a little extra help getting your signage seen.

To that end, our sign specialists recommend:

  • Using dynamic signage, such as digital screens or even simple flags blowing in the wind, to create eye-catching movement
  • Mounting signage up high, where it cannot be obstructed by crowds of pedestrians or passing cars—blade signs, channel letters, banners, and pylon signs all fit the bill, but these are only a handful of the options available to you
  • Going big with large-scale signs that can accommodate large lettering, such as panel signs and dimensional lettering, which is needed for drivers to be able to read your signage safely

What Do Sign Specialists Recommend When Buying On A Budget?

Many of the signs already listed above can fit into almost any budget, especially when you work with our sign specialists to find affordable material substitutions (e.g. carved/sculpted foam to simulate true granite). Having said that, some of the most cost-effective signs, according to a 3M Media Asset Value Comparison, are:

  • Vehicle wraps and graphics, which cost less than $0.50 per 1000 views and generate thousands of passive daily impressions
  • Reusable signs, such as A-frame with removable inserts, chalkboard signs, and digital signs, which let you create an infinite number of new signs after paying the initial purchase price
  • Printed sign materials, such as banners and vinyl graphics

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Lee, S. Y., Kim, J. O., & Li, J. G. (2011). Impacts of store crowding on shopping behavior and store image. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 10(1), 133-140.

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