4 Best Practices For Better Results With Wall Murals And Signs

4 Best Practices for Better Results with Wall Murals and Signs

Today’s post shares 4 best practices to improve your reach and returns when using wall murals and signs. Read on or call 972-428-3200 to speak directly with a wall mural and sign specialist in Carrollton, TX.

Go Big Or Go Home With Your Wall Murals And Signs

Undersized wall murals and signs are easily missed or blocked by flyers, parked cars, and passing pedestrians, so go big or go home! Besides, if you’re going to transform your walls, you might as well use as much of the “canvas” as you can—this substrate is free!

Of course, wall murals and signs must meet the design and sizing standards specified in the Carrollton Code of Ordinances, but with our sign code experts, that’s easy.

Think Outside The Promotional Box—Create Ambience

Wall murals and signs aren’t just promotional vehicles; they can also be used to create an immersive branded space, one which allows customers to experience the brand, rather than simply see another sales pitch.

For example, suppose you run an Italian restaurant in Carrollton, TX. Instead of slapping another 2-for-1 pasta entree promotion on the wall, you could use your wall murals and signs to showcase your culture, displaying high-resolution images of rich, verdant vineyards, baskets brimming with garden-fresh ingredients, or black-and-white photos of your family’s historic grand opening. In doing so, you build your brand image—in this case, we’ve suggested tradition, family values, and fresh ingredients—without banging your audience over the head with your messaging. Rather than reading what your brand is about, your customers feel it, which is much more impactful.

Consider Seasonal Obstructions With Wall Mural And Sign Placements

You might think you’ve found the perfect spot to showcase your custom wall murals and signs, only for them to be lost a few months later, buried behind spring blooms. Before you commit to your wall mural and sign installation, be sure to consider it with an all-seasons perspective!

Create A Social Media Hotspot With Custom Wall Murals And Signs

If you’ve spent any time thumbing through social media feeds, you’ve probably seen a few selfies taken in front of wall murals and signs like these:

4 Best Practices for Better Results with Wall Murals and Signs

“Social media wall murals and signs” like these don’t directly promote your business messaging, but they do make your location something of a local hotspot, and when people ask influencers where they created such cool, shareable content, your business gets a free plug. Savvy wall mural and sign designers will find ways to create interactive wall murals that still boost brand recognition.

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