Beginner’s Guide To Channel Letters: Styles, Lighting, And Mounting

Beginner's Guide To Channel Letters: Styles, Lighting, And Mounting









Interested in channel letters, but unsure where to begin? Read on to learn about the top channel letter styles, lighting, and mounting options to make an informed purchase for your Carrollton, Texas business.

Understanding Channel Letter Options In Carrollton, TX

There are only two basic types of channel letters—standard and reverse—both of which can be customized depending on customer lighting and material preferences to create several different styles, including:

  • Front-lit channel letter signs—These are the most common channel letter options in Carrollton, TX. Typically, the backs and sides of the letters are fabricated from an aluminium composite panel (ACP), with their faces made from acrylic or polycarbonate. The letters are lit with either LED modules or neon tubing.
  • Reverse-lit channel letters—As their name suggests, reverse-lit channel letters are illuminated from behind. With this style, the backs of each channel letter are made from clear acrylic, while the fronts are typically made from aluminium. Reverse-lit channel letters are sometimes known as “halo lit” signs because of the halo of light that forms around each letter.
  • Open-face channel letters—Open-face channel letter designs are similar to halo-lit alternatives, except that the entire sign is manufactured from clear acrylic, which makes the lighting element inside each letter visible. Neon lighting is traditional, but modern LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular in Carrollton, TX.
  • Combination front/reverse-lit channel letters. Customers also have the option of blending both of the aforementioned styles, combining bold interior lighting on individual letters with a warm, diffused halo effect.

Mounting Your Channel Letters In Carrollton, Texas

Buyers have two options for mounting your channel letters:

  1. Raceway-mounted channel letters—This style of channel letter is attached to a long, rectangular aluminium track called a “raceway,” which contains all the necessary electrical components (e.g. wiring, power supplies, etc) needed to illuminate your sign. Raceway mounting is recommended wherever Carrollton ordinances, building owner preference, or the shape of building facades prevent direct mounting. Raceways can be painted to match the building exterior.
  2. Direct-mounted channel letters—Direct-mounting involves attaching your channel letters directly to the building’s facade. Wiring is fed through the wall to a hidden power source. Most agree direct-mounting creates cleaner-looking signage, but it takes a bit more time and installation expertise, and holes need to be drilled into the building.

Choosing The Best Illumination Method For Channel Letters

As with mounting, buyers have two options for illuminating channel letters:

  • Neon lighting—Historically the go-to option for channel letter illumination, neon lighting consists of a glass tube formed in the shape of each letter and filled with various gasses to create your desired colors. Neon creates brilliant color but requires frequent maintenance. Neon lighting also costs more to run and may dim in extremely cold conditions.
  • LED lighting—Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are small, low-voltage lights that can illuminate your channel letters in any temperature. Because of their all-weather functionality and lower running costs, LED lights are surpassing neon alternatives in terms of popularity.

Free Channel Sign Design Quotes In Carrollton, Texas

When it comes to channel letters, Carrollton, Texas buyers are spoiled for choice. That’s because SignCraft and Graphics has access to the most popular channel letter options allowed by Carrollton sign ordinances. And if we don’t carry it in-house, we’ll order it quickly from our network of independent suppliers and SignWorld partners. In this way, when you work with SignCraft and Graphics, you get access to the collective catalogs of more than 330+ sign companies across the country. We also offer complete installation support, channel letter sign maintenance, and more.

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