Benefits of Large Format Printing: Learn More

Beginner's Guide To Large Format Printing In Carrollton, TX: Top-5 Benefits

Considering large format printing for your next sign project? Today’s post spotlights the top-5 reasons Carrollton business owners opt for large format printing over traditional sign manufacturing.

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The Benefits Of Large Format Printing For Your Business In Carrollton, TX

  • Increased brand recognition. When it comes to business branding, bigger is often better. In fact, sign size is one of the 5 critical factors of outdoor sign effectiveness, according to researchers at the International Sign Association.Undersized signage is especially problematic when advertising to passing motorists. Sign viewers travelling at 55 miles per hour cover about 80 feet per second, and at such speeds, only large signs can be read safely.The data is out there, yet business owners continue to fall short of recommended sign sizes. Indeed, according to the Arts and Science of Sign Design, a seminal study by the International Sign Association, nearly two-thirds (61%) of American consumers “failed to find a business because the sign was too small or unclear.”Don’t let your business sign become another statistic! Large format printing puts a huge selection of cost-effective, supersized signage at your fingertips, helping you to make more impressions on local audiences, without blowing your budget.
  • High quality imaging. Thanks to recent advances in large format printing technology, and our commitment to cutting-edge sign solutions, we’re able to offer a large selection of premium banners and large-format prints in eye-popping color and stunning high-resolution.
  • Low cost. Large format printing is one of the most cost-effective options available to business owners seeking larger-than-life signs and banners, making it the perfect option for businesses big and small. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a budding lemonade stand start-up like #TheLakesideLemonadeKid, you’ll appreciate the quality and savings that our large format printing services bring to the table.

Large format printing

                                           Large format printing is perfect for businesses of any size!

  • Fast turnaround time on large sign projects. Large format printing is, hands down, the fastest sign manufacturing option available to the consumer. The speed of most large format printers is measured in the number of 24” by 36” pages it can print in 60 seconds, and the average high-volume printer can output between 10-20 units in that time. Once your design is approved, your sign order is nearly finished, whether you ordered a single sign or a few dozen. And because we offer graphic design services in-house, we’ll get your project to print much sooner that you would by outsourcing to a third party.
  • Environmentally friendly. At SignCraft and Graphics, all of our large format printing is done with eco-friendly materials and inks, and our speedy printing process reduces runtime and energy demands.

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