Buying Channel Letter Signs Near Me: What To Know Before You Browse

Buying Channel Letter Signs Near Me: What To Know Before You Browse

There are four main types of channel letter signs, each with their own unique pros and cons. Today’s post overviews these 4 channel letter sign options to help buyers find the best option for their needs and budget.

Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs

By and large, front-lit channel letter signs are the most common option you’ll see in Carrollton, Texas, as well as the rest of the United States, where they anchor the storefront of all the biggest franchises, shopping centers, and corporate headquarters. Accordingly, front-lit letters are often referred to as “standard channel letters.”

The main advantage of front-lit channel letter signs—and one of the main reasons they’ve become “industry standard”—is exceptional visibility. Because the lights are located in front of the letters and logo elements, front-lit channel letters produce enough light to ensure they’re spotted even in full sunlight.

Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs

As their name suggests, halo-lit channel letter signs create a halo of light around your brand name or logo by placing the light source between the letters and mounting surface. The back of each letter is made with a clear acrylic that stands about 1.5” apart from the mounting surface, allowing the light to diffuse and create an attractive glow.

Halo-lit channel letter signs work beautifully for corporations, white collar businesses, medical offices, and any other brand that could benefit from a sophisticated, professional image. However, they don’t boast the same eye-grabbing luminance as front-lit options during the daytime.

Open-Face Channel Letters

Similar to halo-lit options, open-face channel letter signs are lit from the back, with the only difference that the entire sign is made from clear acrylic. As such, the lighting element inside remains completely visible, which opens up some interesting design possibilities.

For instance, open-face channel letters create a cool retro aesthetic that may be ideal for certain brand images—the AMC sign is a perfect example. However, open-face channel letters are not always allowed in all cities. To avoid disappointments, we recommend checking in with local sign ordinances experts before you dive into the design stage—and if you live in Carrollton, Texas or the surrounding areas, our signxperts can illuminate the situation!

Combination Front/Reverse-lit Channel Letter Signs

As the name suggests, combination front/reverse-lit channel letter signs offer the best of both worlds, giving buyers all the daytime visibility of front-lit lighting, with the beautiful haloed effect of reverse-lit channel letter signs. This option is also highly customizable, giving buyers the choice of different lighting colors for front and reverse lights, but it is also the most expensive due to its unique construction.

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