Custom Business Signs: Creativity And Conspicuity For Memorable Impressions

Custom Business Signs: Creativity And Conspicuity For Memorable Impressions

When creating a memorable and eye-catching custom business sign, creativity is king, right? Wrong! Today’s post highlights the importance of conspicuous placement, then explains how our custom business sign experts bring you the best of both worlds with every order.

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Custom Business Sign Design: The Primacy Of Placement

Although research by the International Journal of Advertising acknowledges the power novel designs have to “attract initial attention to advertising and increase the amount of attention already directed to it,” there’s more to the story of successful sign displays than creative design (Wilson et al., 2015, p. 232).

In fact, plenty of existing studies point to the limitations of creative design and novel advertisements for attracting viewer attention, especially in situations where consumers face “scarce cognitive resources,” such as when they’re focused on driving or facing a multitude of marketing messages in a crowded Carrollton signscape.

That’s not to say creative designs are worthless—far from it. When viewers give creative designs their full attention, they tend to be more memorable than stock images, and this can be a serious boon for branding applications.

But in order for creative designs to have an effect on message processing, “the advertisement must also be conspicuous” (Wilson et al. ,2015, p. 232). In other words, while creative designs are valuable and effective for memorable branding, proper placement matters even more.

Optimize Custom Business Sign Placement And Design In Carrollton, TX

At SignCraft and Graphics, all business signs and graphics are 100% customizable, and every sign order includes full support with installation and site selection to guarantee perfect placement.

If you live in Carrollton or any of the surrounding areas, we will travel to your business location and complete a comprehensive site survey, identifying all of the best potential placements with your unique target audience, local competition, and angles of approach in mind, based on the five factors of sign visibility:

  1. Custom business sign size
  2. Custom business sign angle
  3. Custom business sign location
  4. Custom business luminance
  5. Custom business sign contrast

In this way, you get the best of worlds—creative design with conspicuous sign placement—to foster more memorable impressions in Carrollton, TX.

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Wilson, R. T., Baack, D. W., & Till, B. D. (2015). Creativity, attention and the memory for brands: an outdoor advertising field study. International Journal of Advertising, 34(2), 232-261.

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