How Indoor Signs Drive Sales: Reviewing Results From Eye Tracking Studies

How Indoor Signs Drive Sales: Reviewing Results From Eye Tracking Studies

Today’s post reviews results from eye tracking studies conducted by the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services to highlight some of the different ways that indoor signs drive sales for both new and returning customers.

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Research Review: How Indoor Signs Drive Sales In Carrollton, TX

In a seminal study by the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, researchers Otterbring et al. (2014) used two eye-tracking field experiments to investigate how indoor signs are used during navigation and decision-making, as well as how the viewing of indoor signs influences customers’ visual attention and choice behavior.

These were some of their key findings:

  • Customers look to indoor signs for navigation and decision-making. In their review of literature, Otterbring et al. (2014) found that 80% of shoppers’ in-store time is spent navigating, while the remaining 20% is spent deciding which items to purchase. In both cases, customers relied heavily on indoor signs to direct them, either with navigational cues or product/promotional information, which supports our recommendations to mix navigational and promotional materials in your indoor sign system.
  • When included with product displays, indoor signs are associated with “good deals.” Compared to signless product displays, those that used indoor signs resulted in “more unplanned purchases and increased average spending,” as customers associated indoor sign promotions with “good deals,” even when the actual posted savings were minor.
  • Returning customers pay more attention to indoor signs during the decision-making stage. New customers without “repetitive shopping experiences” in observed stores used navigational indoor signs to find their way around, but these were largely ignored by returning customers, who instead directed their attention towards promotional indoor signs “at a later stage of the search process, during decision making… which means they may be more easily influenced by the viewing of these stimuli” (Otterbring et al., 2014, p. 14).

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