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Simplify Architectural Integration With Sign Specialists In Carrollton, Texas

Even the best signs can look out of place without proper architectural integration. Designing your sign to suit your building is easier said than done, but our sign specialists are here to help.

Read on to learn how we help local businesses choose the right sign design, lighting and installation sites for their unique building architecture and brand image, or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with a sign specialist in Carrollton, Texas.

Ask A Local Sign Specialist: What Does Architectural Integration Do For My Business?

Architectural integration is the process of integrating your sign systems seamlessly with your building’s shape, lighting, and structural elements in order to enhance the overall appearance and draw visitors’ eyes where you want them, whether that’s down towards the entryway, onto your promotional signs, or up at the marquee. Put simply, it’s about designing signs with your unique building and business objectives in mind—and it makes a huge difference.

The importance of architectural integration as a way to engage communities, increase businesses’ brand authority and boost advertising returns was on display in a recent report by the Sign Research Foundation. Therein, effective architectural integration of retail signage was listed as a primary factor driving the increased advertising return on investment of top brands in multiple industries, including H&M, Buffalo Wild Wings, Crate & Barrel, and Starbucks.

Clearly, architectural integration is an important component of effective branding and on-premise advertising, and our sign specialists make it easy.

Read on for a few examples of how our sign specialists simplify architectural integration in Carrollton, TX, or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with a member of our team.

Optimize Architectural Integration With Carrollton Sign Specialists

These are just a few of the ways we can help you select the right sign type, design, and installation site with your building’s unique architecture in mind:

  • Mirror building elements with your architectural signs. Mirroring the shape, color, and style of your building’s architecture not only helps your signage fit into the big picture, but also helps the sign face pop out of its uniform surroundings. No matter what materials your building uses, we can find ways to match it for your sign, whether we have to order-in something special or simulate the materials with carved and textured foam.

Simplify Architectural Integration with Sign Specialists in Carrollton, Texas

Last month, we helped Sol-Ark integrate their monument sign by mirroring the shape, color, and material of their building’s architecture.


  • Complement your building’s modern open concept with custom graphics. If your building is blessed with wide windows or a glass facade, the last thing you want to do is block them out with blocky, opaque signage. Instead, our sign specialists often recommend using window graphics, which allows you to brand your building and convey important messaging without spoiling the clean, modern, mirrored look and sense of transparency that comes with it. It’s both an easy and cost-effective option for your sign system’s architectural integration.

Simplify Architectural Integration with Sign Specialists in Carrollton, Texas

Our sign specialists helped Mexcor International incorporate signage into their windowed facade without detracting from the clean, modern look, and the gold color only enhances their brand image!

  • Take advantage of natural sign spaces. Architectural integration is easier on some buildings than others, as some are designed with spaces to “plug in” your signs. If your building was built with storefront spaces that are clearly intended for sign displays, our sign specialists can help you find the perfect fit for that installation area—and for your budget.

Simplify Architectural Integration with Sign Specialists in Carrollton, Texas

Our sign specialists helped Business Control Systems (BCS) find the perfect building sign for this ready-made display space during their recent rebrand.

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Berger, C. (2016). Retail signage: Practices to increase return on investment. Sign Research Foundation.

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