Ensuring Compliance in Signage: Avoiding Ordinance Errors in Carrollton, TX

How Sign Shops In Carrollton, Texas Prevent Costly Ordinance Errors

Sign code violations not only create eye sores; they also create safety hazards and make your business liable for costly fines. But when you work with our sign shop in Carrollton, Texas, there’s nothing to fear.

Today’s post explains why Carrollton’s sign code exists, and how our team steers local businesses clear of costly sign ordinance errors.

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Carrollton Sign Code Compliance Is Key For Local Businesses

Sign code compliance might seem like a chore, but ordinances exist for good reason. Carrollton city officials enforce the Carrollton Sign Regulations to:

  • Enhance overall property values and the visual environment in Carrollton by “discouraging signs which contribute to the visual clutter of the streetscape”
  • Protect and reinforce the existing character of Carrollton communities
  • Promote a quality visual environment by keeping signs compatible with their surroundings
  • Increase customer and pedestrian safety by ensuring proper installation and maintenance practices are being implemented
  • Increase driver safety by prohibiting the use of signage that resembles traffic signs

Failing to comply with Carrollton’s ordinances may result in fines and redesign costs. In some cases, violations may even lead to misdemeanor charges.

As you look over the lengthy Carrollton Sign Regulations document, this responsibility can start to feel a little overwhelming, but don’t fret! You don’t need to be a sign code expert; our sign shop in Carrollton, TX specializes in sign code compliance, so you can order your signage carefree. Here’s a few ways we can help:

1.  Our Sign Shop In Carrollton Provides Permitting

Not sure how to go about submitting an application for your business signs? Not a problem. We will take care of every step of the process.

As per Section 151.13 of the Carrollton Code of Ordinances, “application for a sign permit shall be made in writing upon forms furnished by the Building Official.” We will fill out and file any necessary forms to keep your sign project in-compliance and on-schedule.

2.  Our Sign Shop In Carrollton Guarantees Design Compliance

All signage, whether permitted or not, must comply with the Carrollton Sign Design Guidelines. At our sign shop in Carrollton, we specialize in code-compliant design. Whether you’re looking to meet the requirements of the ADA, OSHA, or the city of Carrollton, you can rely on our expertise.

3.  Sign Shops In Carrollton Can Recommend Exemptions

If you’d rather skip all the red tape, you might want to stick with the Signs Exempt from permit listed in Section 151.11. These include:

  • Temporary banners not exceeding eight square feet—allowable for no longer than 180 days per calendar year
  • Nameplates, memorial plaques, building identification signs, and building cornerstones not exceeding two square feet in area
  • Permanent on-site drive-through lane signs—maximum three feet in height and four square feet in area, with the appropriate front building setback
  • Window signs with a maximum size not exceeding 25% of the total window area for any linear wall segment
  • Stake signs
  • Portable and vehicle signs
  • Flags and flagpoles
  • Sandwich board signs

Of course, these signs must meet the Carrollton Sign Design Guidelines—but when you work with our sign shop in Carrollton, TX, that’s tacit, and nothing you ever have to worry about.

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