How To Build ‘Branded Environments’ With Wall Murals And Signs

How To Build 'Branded Environments' With Wall Murals And Signs









Today’s post reviews research on the benefits of building branded environments, then shares a few tips for building branded space using custom wall murals and signs in Carrollton, Texas.

Tapping Into The Benefits Of Branded Environments With Wall Murals And Signs

The benefits of building branded environments are well established by decades of marketing research. Building on this body of literature, a seminal study by the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management discussed and demonstrated the vital role of branded retail environments in international sales strategies.

Therein, researchers explain how “brandscapes” offer “strategic marketing and brand managers an opportunity to reinforce the link between the brand’s symbolic meanings and the consumption experience,” and also give consumers the opportunity “to consume the brand as a place experience, thereby creating experiential value for them” (Ilonen et al., 2011, p. 416).

Thus, branded environments help companies engage their in-store audiences by creating experiential value, and also let them showcase the company values consumers support with every purchase, thereby boosting brand loyalties and driving sales.

If you want to improve your customer’s perceptions of your brand and increase their interest in what you have to offer, wall murals and signs are a fantastic, cost-effective tool. What follows is a look at a few of the ways Carrollton business owners have already used custom wall murals and signs to convey value propositions and positive aspects of brand culture.

How To Build Branded Environments With Wall Murals And Graphics

  • Share your brand ethos with an inspirational quote. Suppose you’re a Carrollton tech company committed to innovation. What better way to impress your ethos upon visitors than by sharing an inspirational quote? For instance, Albert Einstein famously said that, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Combined with a custom design fleshed out with your brand’s color palette, inspirational quotes like these make your interior space much more interesting, while stirring something in your target audience, who finds new ways of thinking just as exciting as you. Of course, this is just one example—at SignCraft and Graphics, the design possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
  • Show off a positive company culture with custom wall murals and signs honoring employees. Skip the stock “employee of the month” plaques and transform your lobby, conference room, or hallway into a branded space where employees get the recognition they deserve. Not only does this help with team morale, but it shows potential customers you care about your people, which gives them another reason to feel good about supporting your brand.
  • Honor your brand’s history by using custom wall murals and signs as timelines. Displaying your company history, complete with big milestones and pictures of past business locations and events, is a great way to engage visitors and educate people about your brand. Not only do timelines convey a sense of authority by illustrating your history, but they create great opportunities to brag about big accomplishments that build consumer trust.

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Ilonen, L., Wren, J., Gabrielsson, M., & Salimäki, M. (2011). The role of branded retail in manufacturers’ international strategy. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management.

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