Retractable Banner FAQ: All You Need To Know About Portable Banner Solutions

Retractable Banner FAQ: All You Need To Know About Portable Banner Solutions








Today’s post answers six of the most frequently asked questions Carrollton, Texas buyers asked about retractable banners, according to Google’s People Also Asked tool. Read on to buff up on retractable banners or call 972-428-3200 to speak directly with a retractable banner specialist in Carrollton, TX.

Do Retractable Banners Come With A Carry Case?

Yes! At SignCraft and Graphics, carrying cases are included with your retractable banner order. We recommend using your carrying case to reduce wear-and-tear, simplify storage, and make your retractable banner even more portable.

Are Retractable Banners Single-Sided?

Single-sided options fit certain buyers’ needs and budgets, but SignCraft and Graphics also offers a number of double-sided options to double your marketing reach. Call 972-428-3200 to discuss your needs for a retractable banner.

How Big Are Retractable Banners?

Standard sizes for retractable banners are 24”x81” and 33”x81”, and most retractable banner material is about 0.32-0.37mm thick. However, like all our sign products, retractable banners are highly customizable. Our team is happy to accommodate requests for non-standard specifications.

Can I Use Retractable Banners Outside?

Retractable banners are designed primarily for indoor use, but they can be displayed outdoors in good weather conditions. Avoid displaying your retractable banners outside in rain, snow, or heavy winds, and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to keep your graphics looking their best.

Are Retractable Banners Changeable Or Single-Use?

This depends on the model you’ve chosen. Double-sided displays with interchangeable cartridges are available. We also offer a number of other types of freestanding signage frames with changeable signs you can use to display limited-time promotions and seasonal menu items.

How Do I Clean My Retractable Banner?

Cleaning recommendations vary depending on your banner material, but maintenance is always quick and easy.

If your retractable banner is made with vinyl, basic cleaning with a damp soft cloth and mild soap-and-water solution will suffice. In some instances, you won’t even need any soap. In either case, make sure you rinse your retractable banner thoroughly with clean water, leaving no soap residue behind. And never use any abrasive cleaning tool, harsh detergents, or solvents of any kind, as these will degrade your banner.

If your retractable banner is made with polyester, and you’re confident you can remove and reattach it to the base without causing any damage, it is totally washing machine-friendly! If your banner won’t fit, hand washing works just fine. We recommend laying your banner out to dry once it’s been cleaned and thoroughly rinsed—do not put it in the dryer, or you could harm the graphics.

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