How To Optimize The 5 Factors Of Pole Sign Visibility With Signcraft And Graphics

How To Optimize The 5 Factors Of Pole Sign Visibility With Signcraft And Graphics








Drawing from research by the International Sign Association (ISA), today’s post identifies the top-5 factors of pole sign visibility and explains how our Carrollton team optimizes each and every one.

International Sign Association identifies top-5 factors of pole sign visibility

“There are a lot of considerations that determine whether a sign is visible and can be read,” states the International Sign Association (ISA) in an educational video popular among sign buyers and manufacturers alike.

Among them, the ISA emphasizes pole sign size, angle, location, luminance, and contrast.

What follows is a look at how our Carrollton team can help you optimize the top-5 factors of pole sign visibility, as listed by the ISA.

1.   How To Optimize Pole Sign Size

Undersized signs often go unnoticed, but bigger isn’t always better. Oversized signage makes it tough to take in your message at-a-glance, which greatly reduces the number of impressions.

Unfortunately, there are no universal specifications that work best in every setting. Optimal sign sizes will vary depending on your goals, as well as the speed and viewing distance of your target audience. For instance, pedestrian signs can be much smaller than signs intended to be seen by highway drivers.

For best results, call 972-428-3200 for advice from a pole sign specialist. Not only will we be able to recommend sign specifications that give optimal visibility, but we’ll make sure your pole sign design complies with the City of Carrollton’s ordinances.

2. How To Optimize Pole Sign Angle

People perceive things best when they’re directly in front of them, but this isn’t always an option for pole signs advertising to passing drivers. Still, you’ll need to take great care in determining the angle of your sign. As the ISA says, “every adjustment up, down, or to the side, and every angle of rotation, affects the visibility of that sign,” so make sure you know what you’re doing! Even getting your pole sign angle wrong by a few degrees can cost you thousands of impressions every day.

Once again, there’s no universal recommendation we can give without knowing your location and the approach of your target audience, except to say that you should do your best to face them dead-on. To optimize your pole sign’s angle, call 972-428-3200 to start your free consultation.

3.   How To Optimize Pole Sign Location

“A message cannot be seen if the viewer loses line of sight to a line,” states the ISA. While we’re sure you’ll have no trouble avoiding static obstructions (e.g. traffic signs, utility poles, and buildings), be mindful of how the environment changes along with the seasons; for instance, blooming foliage can obstruct pole signs you thought were installed in the perfect place.  But don’t worry: pole sign height and setback can be tweaked to overcome any obstruction. If you need assistance, our full-service sign shop also offers site surveys to help you choose the optimal location.

4.   How To Optimize Pole Sign Luminance

During the day, pole signs are tough to miss, but businesses operating after dark will need to consider luminance. Some pole sign materials can only be seen with reflected light, while other options are internally lit to generate either own brightness. You’ll find both options at SignCraft and Graphics, and we can help you choose what’s best for your needs, budget, and location.

5.   How To Optimize Pole Sign Contrast

Make sure you create contrast between your pole sign background and font, otherwise you’ll lose thousands of valuable impressions every day! Grey-on-black and yellow-on-white should be avoided at all costs; in contrast (pun intended), blue-on-white, white-on-red, black-on-white, and illuminated text on opaque backgrounds work wonderfully. For more help turning up the contrast in your pole sign design, get in touch with our in-house graphics team at 972-428-3200.

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