How To Tell You Need More Outdoor Signs: Top-3 Telltales In Carrollton, TX

How to Tell You Need More Outdoor Signs: Top-3 Telltales in Carrollton, TX

How can you tell it’s time to invest in new outdoor signs? Today’s post highlights 3 telltale signs that your outdoor advertising system needs a boost.

Read on to learn some of the ways new outdoor signs can benefit your business, or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with an outdoor sign specialist in Carrollton, TX.

1.  If Sales Are Stagnant, You Need More Outdoor Signs

If you’re looking for ways to give your sales numbers a boost, consider adding an outdoor sign to your on-premise advertising system. Plenty of research bears out their sales-boosting benefits.

For example, in a seminal case study by the Sign Research Foundation, titled “The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage,” adding a single outdoor sign yielded a sales increase of 4.75%, “an impact greater than the increases brought on by a larger building, longer hours, or longevity at the location” (p. 5).

The addition of an outdoor sign also brought a higher number of transactions. When extrapolated into sales figures, researchers concluded that installing one additional outdoor sign at every fast-food outlet in Los Angeles would yield an additional $132 million in revenue in the first year alone!

Interestingly, some outdoor signs performed better than others, with sales transactions increasing by:

In another case study, this one focused on the effect outdoor signs had on sales at Pier 1 Imports, researchers determined that “the addition of a new building sign, pole sign, or freestanding multi-tenant sign was found to add between 5 and 15 percent to a site’s sales revenues” (pp. 5-6).

Whatever type of outdoor sign you want to add, our team can help give your business a promotional boost, without draining your advertising budget. Call (972)-428-3200 for a free quote today.

2.  If Your Business Is Hard To Find, You Need More Outdoor Signs

In a national survey by the Lindner College of Business, more than 600,000 respondents indicated that they regularly drive past businesses they intended to visit because their outdoor signs are too small, unclear, or sparse to be seen from the road (Kellaris, 2012).

If your customers, employees, or delivery personnel have ever told you that your business is hard to find—or you’re just not getting the amount of foot traffic you’d expect on a busy weekend or lunchtime rush hour—you probably need more outdoor signs.

Whether you need to flesh out your wayfinding system with some new additions, or your existing outdoor signs need an overhaul—perhaps something bigger and brighter, hard to ignore and impossible to miss—our team is standing by to help.

3.  If Your Business Is Changing, You Need New Outdoor Signs

Whether you’ve just completed a successful merger or acquisition, or you’re investing in a rebrand, outdoor signs are an essential piece of the puzzle, informing local audiences about the changes and working around the clock as your new brand’s silent salesperson.

Whatever the reason, and whatever type of outdoor signage you need, SignCraft and Graphics is up to the task. Our outdoor sign catalog is unparalleled and everything is completely customizable, plus we’ve already helped dozens of Carrollton businesses refresh their brand image!

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Sign Research Foundation. (2012). “The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage.” Sign Research Foundation / University of Cincinnati.

Kellaris, J. (2012). Further Evidence from the BrandSpark / Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper StudyTM: A Longitudinal Update and Extension. Lindner College of Business / University of Cincinnati.

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