POP Sign Guide For Beginners: How To Boost Impulse Buys In Carrollton, TX

POP Sign Guide For Beginners: How To Boost Impulse Buys In Carrollton, TX

Today’s post reviews research on the effectiveness of POP sign displays for driving commerce in Carrollton, TX, then explains how to get great results on your next POP sign order.

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POP Signs Work: How Point-Of-Purchase Displays Boost Profits

In one report published by the International Journal of Consumer Studies, researchers Bartels et al. (2018) sought to measure the impact of POP signs using eye-tracking data gathered from over 60 US grocery shoppers.

Dividing the participants into a study group and control group, they were instructed to shop in one of two different aisles. While shopping, participants were permitted to select as many products as desired “to mimic the true shopping experience as closely as possible” (p. 558).

Following their shopping period, researchers conducted interviews to determine whether the purchases were planned or unplanned, identify reasons for purchase (e.g. routine purchase, new product, price, promotion, need), and pinpoint factors affecting their product selection.

At the end of their report, the research team found evidence that:

  • POP signs support shoppers’ primary reasons for buying—When asked why they bought the items in their cart, 28% of participants said “I realized I needed it when I saw it,” and products with POP signs were spotted much more often than those without.An additional 26% of respondents said they bought their chosen products because they were on sale for a good price, and the majority of these prices were brought to shoppers’ attention via POP signs.
  • POP signs are the second-highest predictor of product selection—24% of participants said they chose products specifically because of the sales price listed on POP signs. The only factor that proved more influential was brand name, influencing 28% of all selections.
  • POP signs greatly enhance impulse buys—Post-study interviews showed that up to 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store, where POP signs have the greatest impacts.

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Bartels, M., Tillack, K., & Jordan Lin, C. T. (2018). Communicating nutrition information at the point of purchase: An eye‐tracking study of shoppers at two grocery stores in the United States. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 42(5), 557-565.

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