Sign Services Every Shop Should Offer In Carrollton, TX

Sign Services Every Shop Should Offer In Carrollton, TX









Today’s post explains how to save time and money in your signage project by seeking companies that offer end-to-end sign services. Read on to learn about our one-stop shop experience or call 972-428-3200 to start a free consultation.

Save Time And Money With Sign Application And Permitting Support

Every city has a unique Code of Ordinances that details specific standards for sign size, graphics, illumination, and installation, as well as permit requirements. Failing to adhere to these sign laws can be quite costly, so it’s in your best interest to find a company that offers application and permitting services.

In addition to any penalties owed for your violation, and the cost of your sign remediation, Carrollton business owners failing to comply with local ordinances will have to pay the following amounts, as detailed in Chapter 31 of the Carrollton Texas Code of Ordinances:

  • Late payment fee for any permit — $50 per sign
  • Sign removal fee — $30 per sign
  • Follow-up re-inspection for noncompliance after initial inspection and re-inspection — $40 per hour, with two-hour minimum
  • Filing of compliance order at country court of record — $40 standard filing by first class mail

That adds up to quite a lot of money, to say nothing of the time wasted getting your signage and permits in order. In extreme cases, sign violations will result in signage “downtime” that forces you to make due with temporary sign solutions, or go “signless” for a while and lose out on thousands of impressions.

By choosing a company with sign application and permitting services, you guarantee that your sign design and installation stays 100% compliant, and simplify the permitting process.

Get More Out Of Your Signage With Professional Installation Services

Even the most stunning sign designs fall flat when installed in suboptimal spots. As discussed by the International Sign Association (ISA) in a video titled “5 Factors of Sign Visibility,” proper sign visibility requires attention to:

  • Sign setback
  • Sign angle relative to viewer
  • Sign height
  • Sign location
  • Sign luminance

While it’s true that many signs do not require professional installation skills in a technical sense, it takes a professional eye to optimize all 5 of these visibility factors. For best results, try to find sign manufacturers that also offer sign installation services. If that company also offers permitting and sign application services, all the better—they’ll be able to prevent non-compliant sign installations, too.

Free Quote On Sign Services In Carrollton, Texas

Whether you’re looking for stunning sign designs, authoritative sign permitting, or installation skills, SignCraft and Graphics is your one-stop stop for a perfect sign project.

Call 972-428-3200 or visit the SignCraft and Graphics website to speak to a member of our team about sign permitting, design, manufacturing, installation, and repair services. We offer end-to-end sign services, and bundling opportunities are available.

SignCraft and Graphics proudly serves businesses throughout Carrollton and the surrounding communities of Farmers Branch, University Park, Grapevine, Coppell, Addison, and Highland Park. Remote sign design services are also available for businesses located out of state.

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