Signcraft And Graphics Received A Referral To SpotOn, Who Recently Opened A Regional Office In Plano, TX

SpotOn Small Business Software

We completed two logo lobby signs that were routed out of 1/2″ black PVC and stud mounted to wall with a slight standoff to give them dimension. Next, we created a fun wall sign that had a second surface print on the back of clear acrylic with 3/16″ white acrylic dimensional letters on the face of the acrylic. After we completed the first three signs, they called us for an additional sign.

This time, we did a large wall sign made from aluminum composite with digitally printed graphics and then layered with six 3/16″ foamboard callouts displaying each of their company core values. This sign was installed using 2″ standoffs, which also incorporated their SpotOn logo in the left top corner of the sign.

We also added their SpotOn logo to the front office glass door.

signcraft and graphics

Thank you SpotOn for giving us the opportunity to work with you and creating signs that were “SpotOn”!
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Spot On

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